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Related article: Lord Cowley's ch. j;. Bayreuth, by Tristan — Applause II., 6 yrs., I2st. 7lb Owner l Mrs. Sad I ier- Jackson's ch. m. Saintly Songstress, 6 yrs., I ist 3lb Mr. W. P. Cullen 2 Mr. H. Coventry's b. h. Flying Hampton, 5 yrs., lost. I2lb. Mr. A. W. Wood 3 5 to 4 on Bayreuth. FOOTBALL. February l8th. — At Queen's Qub, Oxford V. Cambridge, latter won by 3 goals to i.t February 1 8th. — At Edinburgh, Scotland V. Ireland, latter won by 9 points to 3.* February 18th. — At Sunderland, England v. Ireland, former won by 13 goals to i.t February i8th. — At Blackheath, Black- heath V. Oxford University, former won by 3 tries to 2.* February i8th. — At Crystal Palace, Corin- thians V. Everlon, latter won by i goal to o.f February 25th. — At Oxford, the University V. London Scottish, former won by 8 points to 5.* Februaiy 25th. — At Cambridge, the Uni- versity V. Old Merchant Tailors, former won by 2 tries to o.* February 25th. — At Newcastle, North v. South, latter won by I goal 2 tries too.* February 28th. — At Newcastle, Northum- berland V. Durham, former won by 2 goals, I dropped goal and 2 tries to i tr>'.* Maich 1st. — At Richmond, Surrey v. (iloucestershire, drawn, 1 goal each.* March 4th. — At Queen's Club, Corin- thians V. Notts County, latter won by 2 goals to I.t March 4th. — At Oxford, the University v. Lennox, former won by 26 points to 3.* March 4th. — At Edinburgh, Scotland v. Wales, former won by 21 points to 10.* March 4th. — At Belfast, Ireland v. Wales, former won by i goal to ct March 4th. — At Keighly, Yorkshire v. Cumbeiland, latter won by I goal 3 tries to I goal.* March 8th.— At Richmond, Guy's v. London, former won by 3 tries to O, and retained the Inter- Hospital Rugby Union Challenge Cup.* March 8th.— At Kingston - on - Thames, Surrey v. Middlesex, former won by 4 goals to 2.t March iith. — At Blackheath, Englaiidv. Scotland, latter won by i goal to a* March 15th. — At Richmond, Middlesex V. Devonshire, former won by 2 tries too.* March 1 6th. — At Norwich, Norfolk t. Essex, latter won by 3 goals to a.^ * Under Rugby Rules. t Under Association Rales. HOCKEY. February 18th. — At Dublin, Irelaad ▼. Wales, former won by 4 goals to 0. February 22nd. — At Surbiton, Storey ▼. Middlesex, former won by 4 gflals {0 I. February 22nd.— At York, York^oe v, Cheshire, former won by 3 gBuy Norlutate Online ' * ^ game. Scores ; Hargreaves 500^ 451. March 14th. — At OxfonL Oxford v. bridge (four handed), O. Q^ greaves (Oriel) and L. (Magdalen) v. W. M. Muir-(' and W. E. Tucker (Christ's), Oxford 500, Cambridge 2^ m "l>ogitlon undpalleb (n Xon&on/' LANGHAM HOTEL, PORTLAND PLACE AND REGENT STREET, LONDON. W. Quiet, open, and healthy situation in Fashionable and Convenient locality. Built on a gravel soil 95 feet above the Thames high-water mark. Apartments for Regimental and Private Dinners, Wedding Receptions, &c. MODERN IMPROVEMENTS. MODERATE TARIFF. MARTELL'S JLt aUBtfi and Restaanttt^ THREE STAR BRANDY. Of all Wine and Bpirit Marohants.